Just north of Mount Tamalpais, Fairfax remains one of Marin County's more affordable communities. When you purchase a home in Fairfax, you're also getting history. Unlike other Marin communities, you can still find some of the 1960s counterculture in Fairfax, where Jefferson Airplane once played softball with the Grateful Dead.  

The heart of Fairfax is Broadway Boulevard. Broadway parallels Sir Frances Drake Boulevard, the local highway. This street is perfect for walking and biking. It provides easy access to local shops like the famous Fairfax Coffee Roastery and fresh produce from the farmers market. The town has passed ordinances prohibiting chain stores, plastic bags, and Styrofoam takeout food packaging. Local favorites include the Art Deco movie theater and 19 Broadway Bar & Night Club. 

1 in 5 homes in Marin County trades off-market. Don't miss your opportunity to find your Fairfax home.

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