Sausalito lies just over the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco. Because of this proximity, it is a town much prized by commuters. It’s easy to drive or bike into San Francisco. 

Golden Gate Ferry also has regular service from downtown Sausalito to downtown San Francisco. What could be better than drinking your morning coffee or sipping an evening beer as you boat by Alcatraz on your way to or from San Francisco?

The ferry also brings tourists to Sausalito who frequent the many shops and restaurants in the scenic downtown area. Favorite eateries in Sausalito include: Scoma’s, Angelino’s, Poggio’s, and Sushi Ran to name a few.

Real estate opportunities are as varied as the dining scene. Stately mansions adorn the Spring Street neighborhood. Victorian homes abound in Old Town. Condos, appartments and newer homes predominate in Nevada Street Valley. The Waldo Point neighborhood features iconic waterfront houseboats.

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